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Korean Mexican Fish Taco


Okay confession time, you know that meme that’s way too old now to be relevant (and reaffirms my awkward attempts at being hip and/or with it) known as “will it blend”? Well I feel like my kitchen philosophy is “will it work?” I know I should be eating chicken, rice, and greens like a good clean eater (and let’s be real, sometimes that’s all I can be bothered with), but sometimes, after my second night of chicken, Tilda’s delicious steamed rice range (I’m not sponsored, I’m just about efficiency, and their coconut chili lemongrass is the bomb), and broccoli, my brain screams for some kind of creative kitchen gymnastics (figurative, not literal, my lack of spatial awareness is legendary).

Which brings me to Korean Mexican Fish Tacos. Why Korean? Because the base is kimchi! Kimchi is a traditional Korean side made from fermented vegetables (usually cabbage) and chilli, ginger, and other seasoning. Best of all, it’s SPICY and when you’re watching your macros, that hit of heat is great for a palate tortured by the culinary disappointment that is unseasoned chicken breast.

Kimchi is also yoghurt-levels of good for your gut because it contains lactobacilli, just like yoghurt, which is a good bacteria that helps the body absorb and keep nutrients and contribute to a happy gut. It also has vitamins A, B, and C.

You know what else has Vitamin A and C? Sweet potatoes! I was very excited to find BFree wheat free sweet potato wraps in my local Woolies the other day. Only coeliacs and gluten intolerant folk need to go gluten free, but I find some days I tolerate wheat more than others and these sorts of products help with avoiding a wheat belly bloat. This is not the same for everyone so don’t divorce your regular tortilla just yet, but these wraps seem to do better on a micronutrient front, so your choice! I’m the kind of person that will do things ‘just in case’, so extra Vitamin E and same macros? Sure, why not!

Okay, so we have the taco, the base, what goes on top (aside from your lettuce, tomato, avo/sour cream combo). I had some basa fillet and a craving for crispy fish tacos. In my supermarket adventuring, I found this excellent product – Diego’s GoMEX Crispy Crumbs. Gluten free, soy free, ideal for baja fish tacos! You can also use it for tofu for a vegetarian option which would be very tasty because crispy tofu is delicious. I don’t think I need to tell you why white fish is great, but high protein, low carb, low fat is usually what crops up. Basa is a bit controversial because it’s a cheap imported fish from alleged toxic waters – I don’t know enough to comment, so I’ll do more research before addressing further.

150gm basa fillet or tofu (nb: macros are based on fish)
1 serve GoMex Crispy Crumbs (can make your own using rice and corn flour, garlic powder, salt and pepper, paprika, cumin, coriander, and cayenne pepper)
1 BFree sweet potato wrap
1/3 cup kimchi
5ml light sour cream
Lettuce, tomato, carrot, coriander to taste
I also garnished with toasted coconut chips, crasins, tabasco, and no sugar BBQ sauce

(1) Dice fish into small bite size pieces and put into zip lock sandwich bag. Pour serving of crispy crumbs into bag and shake like a polaroid picture until the crumbs have coated the fish.
(2) Heat non-stick pan on medium heat with olive oil spray and cook off fish. I find it doesn’t take long to cook – about five minutes. Test at about four minutes by cutting/slicing a piece of fish fillet. If white all the way through, then it is cooked.Tip: try to avoid shaking the pan too much and only flip at the two minute mark to allow the bites to crisp up.
(3) Lay sweet potato wrap flat and layer kimchi followed by lettuce, fish, tomato (if using), coriander and sour cream. Top with additional garnishes (e.g. coconut chips, craisins, tabasco, low-cal sauces).

Nutritional Info
C: 29.5 F: 5.5. P: 26.5
Calories: 290

NB: to bulk up, add cheese or avocado for fats, use two wraps for extra carbs (17.5g per wrap. I tend towards smaller meals while on a fat loss cycle because I like snacking, but it’s very easy to make this a bigger, healthier, meal 🙂

Too easy!

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