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Creamy Protein Chai Matcha Oats

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Creamy Protein Egg White Oats

Okay, so I have issues choosing just. one. thing. It’s a chronic issue in restaurants and I’ll always be choosing my and SO’s dishes so I can try multiple plates of food 😂

Worse, I cannot stick to one cuisine, I get too excited by different combinations that I just *have* to try to combine this and that to see if it works. Usually it does, although there was that one time with the waffle machine that I do not want to revisit.

Porridge is such a comfort food for me, but I tended to only like it when I added a sugary berry coulis (homemade, but oh boy did the caster sugar run out here regularly) or brown sugar and golden syrup (yep, I added both!). It was great before work and kept me going until the high sugar and low protein/fat content caused a massive crash (and mid-morning cookie, mmmm).

Now none of those things are bad in moderation, but definitely did not help my fitness goals in the longterm so I’ve returned to oats after a long love affair with the smoothie bowl breakfast trying something new.

I tend to work out first thing in the morning – cardio before breakfast and strength work mid morning – so I needed something with carbs to refuel after a run and protein to repair. I don’t have a huge amount of fats when I do strength training, but when I don’t I add a lovely tablespoon of almond butter or dollop of coconut yoghurt.

Both matcha and chai spices have some good benefits for the body. Masala chai contains spices such as cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, black pepper, and fresh ginger which have individual benefits specific to inflammation and gut health. Personally, I find these spices help with cravings – cinnamon especially when I need a sweet quick paired with some fruit or dark chocolate. Matcha has a host of anti-oxidant benefits and contains a polyphenol called EGCG has been shown in research to boost metabolism, and slow or halt the growth of cancer cells. You have to take a lot of EGCG to bring on the metabolism boost so don’t get too caught up in that, but it’s certainly doing you no harm. Matcha also contains l-theanine an amino acid which somehow both relaxes you and makes you more alert. One for more research I think! Speaking of polyphenols, cherries are another rich source which will boost your antioxidant count for the day and add a bit of tart sweetness to that chai spice.


40g Rolled Oats (choose between 1/3 to 1/2 cup)
1/3 to 1/2 cup water (just enough to cover oats).
30g frozen Cherries (I get mine from Coles, but mixed berries would work too)
1/2 cup egg whites (3-4 eggs)
2 tsp sweetener
1 tsp chai spices (NB: I use a ground spice mix not a powder which is nutrient poor and contains empty calories. I bought mine off eBay for a few dollars from India and I recommend you do the same!)
1/2 tsp matcha (Recommend Melbourne based Matcha Maiden!)

50g strawberries
1 piece dark chocolate (I used a 72% Ghana chocolate from Blanxart, it goes all melty over the hot oats!)

(1) Combine oats, water, sweetener, frozen cherries, matcha, chai, and a pinch of salt in a sturdy medium sized pot over a medium-high heat. Make sure the water just covers the mix.
(2) Bring the mixture to the boil, then reduce heat to low and allow to simmer, stirring occasionally until the liquid is absorbed. Be careful to not let ingredients stick to the pan.
(3) Once the water has been absorbed, pour in the egg white and stir vigorously for about four minutes on a medium heat.
(4) Using a spatula, pour oats into a bowl and top with fruit and nut butter (if using).

Nutritional Info for 40g oats
C: 35 F: 5.5 Protein: 20
Calories: 285

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