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Low Carb Salmon Pesto Bowl

So the other day, I had a huge craving for pesto. My background is Italian and while pesto alla genovese is Ligurian and my family from Trieste, it doesn't stop me from loving that olive oil and basil goodness. Trouble is, pesto being basically olive oil with basil, pine nuts, and Parmesan cheese, is sometimes… Continue reading Low Carb Salmon Pesto Bowl

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PB Pumpkin Spice Smoothie Bowl

Summer is in full swing around these parts. Days above forty degrees and long, hot nights. Sometimes, when the mercury hits 38 degrees at 3pm and doesn't budge until long after sundown, I have smoothie bowls for dinner. Refreshing, nutritious, and high volume, they hit the spot without needing to get hot(ter) and sweat(ier) in… Continue reading PB Pumpkin Spice Smoothie Bowl

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Easy 15 Minute Green Curry/Pad Thai

I love spicy food and I think my favourite mid week comfort meal is a delicious Thai green curry. Sometimes though it gets a bit heavy with the oil and lots of rice so I found a way to make a light version that can be bulked up according to your goals. Ingredients 180g basa… Continue reading Easy 15 Minute Green Curry/Pad Thai

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Creamy Protein Chai Matcha Oats

Okay, so I have issues choosing just. one. thing. It’s a chronic issue in restaurants and I’ll always be choosing my and SO's dishes so I can try multiple plates of food 😂 Worse, I cannot stick to one cuisine, I get too excited by different combinations that I just *have* to try to combine… Continue reading Creamy Protein Chai Matcha Oats

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Korean Mexican Fish Taco

Okay confession time, you know that meme that's way too old now to be relevant (and reaffirms my awkward attempts at being hip and/or with it) known as "will it blend"? Well I feel like my kitchen philosophy is "will it work?" I know I should be eating chicken, rice, and greens like a good… Continue reading Korean Mexican Fish Taco